Dumb Florida Laws – Stealing a Horse May Result in Hanging

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Legislation in Florida prohibits, among other things, engaging in sexual activities with a porcupine or fishing while driving on a bridge. Conversely, in Pensacola, every citizen must carry at least $10.00 on their person at all hours.

Dumb Florida Laws – Stealing a Horse May Result in Hanging

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  1. 28 Funny Florida Laws

28 Funny Florida Laws

  • A unique law states that single women are forbidden from skydiving on Sundays. Violators may face fines or imprisonment.
  • In Big Pine Key, any harassment of deer is subject to fines.
  • In Cape Coral, hanging laundry on an outdoor clothesline contravenes city ordinance.
  • Cape Coral also bans parking a pickup truck in front of another person’s house.
  • Florida has devised a clever solution to the prostitution problem. Each offender is given a check, a ticket to another city, and a five-year ban from Florida.
  • Florida law bans rats from disembarking from boats docked in Tampa Bay.
  • If you wish to walk topless on a Florida beach, you must maintain at least a 45-foot distance from the street.
  • Engaging in sexual activities with porcupines is strictly prohibited.
  • Fishing while walking on a bridge is also disallowed.
  • Men in public are required to have their shoulders covered.
  • In Miami, animal parody is prohibited.
  • Skateboarding without a license is not permitted.
  • Swimming on church premises is disallowed.
  • In Key West, chickens are legally protected.
  • Miami mandates that every bicycle should have a bell or another instrument capable of producing a sound audible from at least 30 feet away. Nonetheless, sirens and whistles are banned.
  • Oral sex is disallowed.
  • If you steal someone’s horse, the penalty is death by hanging.
  • In Pensacola, every citizen must carry a minimum of $10.00.
  • Pensacola also forbids rolling a barrel down the street. The fine depends on the barrel’s contents.
  • In Pinecrest, you must obtain a permit before installing an alarm in your house.
  • Sanford Stage enforces a ban on nudity within town limits – violators can be fined up to $100. The only exception is for theatrical performances.
  • In Sarasota, hitting a pedestrian will earn you a $78 fine.
  • Sarasota also prohibits crabbing.
  • Singing in public while in a swimsuit is prohibited in Sarasota.
  • In Tampa Bay, buying cottage cheese after 6 p.m. on Sundays is banned.
  • The only permitted position during sexual intercourse is missionary.
  • A woman could be punished for falling asleep under a hairdryer in a hair salon. The salon owner may also face punishment for this egregious offence.
  • Kissing your wife’s breasts is prohibited.

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