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What statute says that you can’t ride a motorcycle at 88 or older in Idaho Falls. I’ve been looking for it, but all I find is more blog posts like this.

I rented cars in Los Angeles twice, each with a different experience.

First time, I chose a compact Toyota Corolla. It was fuel efficient and easy to park, but a bit cramped for my family of 5.

On my second trip, I opted for a Ford Explorer SUV. It provided more room and comfort, but was bit harder to find parking spaces in busy areas.

Make sure to consider your needs and itinerary when selecting a car!


Had an amzing time at Universal Studios Hollywood! Studio Tour was a blast & loved the Harry Potter area. Can get crowded, so plan ahesd. Def. worth a visit!

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US National Parks hide majestic cliffs, tall redwoods and a fortress in the middle of the sea. There are skyscrapers in New York and Los Angeles, yet the two cities are as different as freezing Alaska and the arid Mojave. And in between there are thousands of attractions that will make a visit a lifetime experience.

You can fly to America a hundred times and discover something new every time.

All you have to do is buy cheap flights, arrange car rentals and thoroughly study our guide to the USA. Because you won’t want to waste a second on this trip.