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Hi Jeromie, check out the article on tipping in the US, it tells you everything.

Hi, I’d like to know how it is in the US with tips. I have read that it is not compulsory, but everyone gives it and it is therefore expected – it is supposedly the main income of some employees. I wonder who to pay and how much is given that way. Thank you :)

Hi, Jaro,

I don’t have any experience with it, but it should work. There are several conditions, such as at least 25 years of age, full liability insurance, and of course a valid driver’s license. It’s probably best to post the exact driver information on a site like RentABus, which offers driverless bus rental.

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USA National Parks showcase grand cliffs, tall redwoods, and a fortress in the heart of the sea. Skyscrapers fill New York and Los Angeles, yet these two cities are as different as cold Alaska and the dry Mojave. In between, there are thousands of attractions that can make your visit a unique experience.

You could travel to America a hundred times and still find something new with each visit.

All you need to do is buy low-cost flights, set up car rentals, and carefully read our USA guide. Because you won’t want to miss a moment of this journey.