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@Ronke: Hello, the smoked fish and prawns are fine and you can pack them for your trip.

Please, can I import smoked fish and prawn into US to personal homes.


Romania and USA are both 1949 Geneva Convention, and both countries recognized each other Driver License and the right of driving on each other road. I want to know if I go to Romania with US driver license do I need to care an International Driving Permit and if is yes, which article is referring to obligation to care an IDP. Thank you for the attention.

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USA National Parks showcase grand cliffs, tall redwoods, and a fortress in the heart of the sea. Skyscrapers fill New York and Los Angeles, yet these two cities are as different as cold Alaska and the dry Mojave. In between, there are thousands of attractions that can make your visit a unique experience.

You could travel to America a hundred times and still find something new with each visit.

All you need to do is buy low-cost flights, set up car rentals, and carefully read our USA guide. Because you won’t want to miss a moment of this journey.