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Petr Novák

Do you want to travel to the USA and don’t have anyone to go with? Are you looking for a travel companion or need to fill the last available seat in the car for your planned roadtrip across the USA? Post your plans in the comments section of this article. Those who search, will find! 😊

Travel Dating | Looking for a partner to travel to the USA

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  1. Looking For a Travel Buddy For a Trip to the USA

Looking For a Travel Buddy For a Trip to the USA

The more you reveal about yourself and your plans, the more likely you are to find a travel companion. Be specific, messages like “I want to fly to the USA sometime next year, who will join me?” usually don’t lead to a meeting. I recommend answering five questions:

1️⃣ When Do You Want To Go?

Write down at least approximately when you are going to the USA. This year in July, next year in August, sometime in the winter, or does it not matter for you?

2️⃣ What is Your Idea of The Trip?

Do you prefer busy cities or do you feel best in the countryside? Do you need to sleep in a bed, or do you prefer sleeping bags and camping? East or West? How long do you want to fly for?

Do you want to go on a two-week vacation, a road trip, or work at a campground for the entire vacation? What do you want to see in America?

Differing ideas about travel tend to be the biggest stumbling block to traveling together. The better you describe your plans, the more likely you are to find the right partner.

3️⃣ Briefly Tntroduce Yourself

How old are you, where are you from, how do you work? Briefly introduce yourself and write why you are drawn to the USA.

Add a link to your Facebook or other contact. (If you want to delete it from the page in the future, just ask for removal in a newly added comment. Just use the same email address so I can identify you.)

4️⃣ What’s The Biggest Problem You’ve Encountered While Traveling and How Did You Solve It?

It is helpful to mention your travel experiences. What is the biggest problem you have encountered while travelling? Have you been robbed, lost your documents, missed your plane? And how did you solve it?

(Ok… it just so happens that I read all the comments and am interested in other people’s travel misadventures. Because those are the best stories! I was robbed on the street in Argentina and detained by the cops in China. 😁)

5️⃣ Who Would You Like to Travel With?

Male or female – younger or more experienced? What do you expect from a fellow traveller?

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