What to See in the USA – The Best Attractions on the Map

The Grand Canyon will astonish you with its magnitude, reminiscent of the Half Dome in Yosemite, a mere stone’s throw away. In Los Angeles, you’ll come face to face with the harsh reality of a city where everyone is vying to get ahead, regardless of the cost. Las Vegas too thirsts for success, albeit defined differently. And then there’s San Francisco, a city of its own kind. The sight of Alcatraz, visible from the hillside streets where the iconic streetcars traverse, contributes to its unique ambience.

Nestled between these three cities are countless natural wonders, amusement parks, beaches, and mountains, along with major cities and quaint towns. Where else can you witness so much within a few weeks of vacation than in the USA? And note that we’ve only touched upon the West Coast thus far.

We’ve pinpointed the most intriguing spots on a map. Simply click on the red pin and you’re on your way to crafting your own Guide to the USA, with personalized tips for excursions that pique your interest.