Six Flags Great Adventure: Attractions, Tickets, and Tips

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Wooden roller coasters, steel roller coasters, ones with loops and even water features—the amusement park Six Flags Great Adventure in New Jersey offers a day of fun that far exceeds traditional amusement park rides. Regular bus service is available from downtown Manhattan to the park.

Six Flags Great Adventure: Attractions, Tickets, and Tips | © Studio Sarah Lou /

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    1. Six Flags Great Adventure Rides
    2. What Else to Do in Six Flags Great Adventure
    3. Tips for Visitors to Six Flags Great Adventure
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    Six Flags Great Adventure Rides

    Six Flags Great Adventure offers something for everyone in the family, including rides and roller coasters for the little ones. Each attraction is marked with an intensity level to guide visitors. For a comprehensive overview and attraction map, visit the park’s website. Here are a few highlights:

    🎢 Kingda Ka Roller Coaster

    Visible from afar, the Kingda Ka is the tallest roller coaster in the world at 456 ft and the fastest in North America, reaching top speeds of 128 mph. It accelerates from zero to top speed in just 3.5 seconds. The Kingda Ka is strictly for thrill-seekers. If you can withstand a 50-second ride on the Kingda Ka, you can endure anything—I guarantee it. Video of the ride

    🎢 El Toro Roller Coaster

    At first glance, the El Toro roller coaster may not seem that exhilarating, but that all changes once you board. The wooden roller coaster has several high-speed dips, culminating in a sudden 177 ft drop. With a top speed of 70 mph, this is one of the fastest wooden roller coasters in the world. The El Toro is 4,400 ft long and takes 2 minutes and 5 seconds to complete. The wooden structure creaks as intended during the ride. Video of the ride

    🎢 Medusa Roller Coaster

    Medusa is a 3,986 ft roller coaster featuring multiple loops, corkscrews, water splashes, and flaming pyrotechnics. What sets it apart is the absence of a floor—visitors’ feet dangle freely. The coaster is 141 ft high and reaches a top speed of 60 mph. With a duration of 4 minutes and 55 seconds, it’s one of the longest rides. Video of the ride

    🎢 Nitro Roller Coaster

    Nitro is a high-speed roller coaster that’s unique because riders have their shoulders free and are held in their seats by restraints over the knees. During the three-minute ride, they experience several loops, corkscrews, and a free fall from 217 ft. The track reaches a top speed of 80 mph, stands 230 ft high, and spans 5,279 ft. Video of the ride

    🎢 Jersey Devil Coaster

    The Jersey Devil Coaster, one of the fastest roller coasters that seat just one passenger per row, reaches top speeds of 58 mph. Visitors can experience a breathtaking 131 ft drop along with several corkscrews. This roller coaster only opened in 2021. Video of the ride

    🎢 Green Lantern Roller Coaster

    The vivid green Green Lantern roller coaster is only for the courageous. During the two-and-a-half-minute ride, expect several loops, corkscrews, and abrupt drops. The coaster stands 154 ft high and reaches a top speed of 64 mph. Video of the ride

    🎢 Superman: Ultimate Flight Roller Coaster

    Each roller coaster at the Six Flags Great Adventure theme park is unique. Ultimate Flight is distinctive because riders lay face down in a Superman-like position, watching the ground throughout the ride. Over 2 minutes and 25 seconds and 2,799 ft, riders experience several loops and reach top speeds of 60 mph. Video of the ride

    🎢 Batman: The Ride Roller Coaster

    Batman is a suspended roller coaster with seats hanging from an overhead structure, providing a more intense experience as riders can look directly down below. This 105 ft high roller coaster spans 2,694 ft and features one loop. The maximum speed is 50 mph. Video of the ride

    🎢 Congo Rapids White Rapids

    Congo Rapids replicates a wild river rafting experience for 12 riders, reaching speeds of up to 9.94 mph in some areas. The ride is especially enjoyable on hot days, as riders often get drenched during the descent. It’s even suitable for brave young children. More information

    🎢 Saw Mill Log Flume

    The Saw Mill Log Flume, a water ride in a wooden log, is surprisingly entertaining. It’s also suitable for younger children. Riders are likely to get wet on the ride, which is especially pleasant on hot summer days. More information

    🎢 The Joker Roller Coaster

    The Joker is an intense roller coaster with independent carts carrying riders. The ride is unpredictable, so you never know what’s next. Up to eight people can ride in a single cart, and the coaster reaches 121 ft at its highest point. Video of the ride

  2. What Else to Do in Six Flags Great Adventure

    🦓 Wild Safari Drive-Thru Adventure

    Once you have enjoyed all the park’s attractions (which is nearly impossible to do in one day), consider checking out the adjacent safari. Spanning 350 acres, this safari is home to over 1,200 animals from six continents, including elephants, giraffes, kangaroos, lions, and rhinos. You can drive through the park in your own car, but prepare to encounter animals just meters away from your vehicle.

    Admission to the Wild Safari Drive-Thru Adventure starts at $19.99 per person.

    🎤 Concerts and Performances

    Occasionally, the park hosts fun events, concerts, shows, or children’s TV character days. If you time your visit right, you can get a photo with Bugs Bunny, Sylvester, Tweety, or Daffy. For a list of events, visit the Six Flags Great Adventure website.

  3. Tips for Visitors to Six Flags Great Adventure

    🎟️ Six Flags Great Adventure Theme Park Tickets

    The price of Six Flags tickets fluctuates depending on the day’s demand. The lowest price you can get them for is $45. Children under two years old get in for free. I suggest buying tickets online as far in advance as possible.

    💡 Entrance and Bus Ticket From NYC Package

    If you are planning to visit the park from New York, I recommend using bus line 308. During the summer season, it operates from the Port Authority Bus Terminal in Manhattan to the front of the theme park. The package, which includes round-trip transportation and park admission, departs in the morning and returns in the evening.

    Buses leave from Gate 324; tickets can be bought at the designated NJ TRANSIT window on the day of travel. The package price in 2023 is $88 per adult and $67 per child.

    For those staying in New York City, I suggest taking the 308 bus line, which runs between the Port Authority Bus Terminal and Six Flags Park. Departures are from Gate 324; tickets for $80 can be bought at a special window and include transportation to the park and back to New York.

    ⚡ THE FLASH PASS Will Reduce Waiting in Queues

    The most annoying part about Six Flags is the seemingly endless wait in lines for attractions. However, you can save time by purchasing THE FLASH Pass, which comes in three different options. It is particularly worthwhile to buy on weekends during high season.

    THE FLASH Pass Regular allows you to reserve a ride on an attraction. The waiting time is the same as for visitors without the Pass, but pass holders can enjoy other attractions in the park while waiting. When it’s their turn, they will receive a notification and can enter the attraction through a dedicated FLASH pass lane. The price starts at $60 per person.

    THE FLASH Pass Gold operates on the same principle, but reduces the waiting time by 50%. The cost per person starts at $80.

    THE FLASH Pass Platinum reduces waiting time by up to 90%, but the cost per person starts at $125.

    🅿️ Parking at Six Flags

    You can also drive to Six Flags; a large parking lot is located in front of the park entrance. The cost of parking starts at $38 per day, but the actual price is often higher.

    🕒 Six Flags Great Adventure Opening Hours

    The theme park’s operating hours vary throughout the season and also differ on different days of the week. Generally, it is open from 10:30 am to 8:00 pm Monday through Thursday and from 10:30 am to 9:00 pm Friday through Sunday. I recommend checking the calendar.

    📅 Best Time to Visit Six Flags Great Adventure

    During the summer season, the park is bustling with people, especially on weekends and public holidays. My advice is to visit Six Flags on a weekday and arrive at least 30 minutes before opening. In the park, I recommend starting with the most popular attractions and progressing to the less crowded ones.

    You can also find average visitor numbers on Google Maps.

    🍟 Food & Drink

    It is prohibited to bring your own food and drinks into the park, and visitors will be thoroughly checked at the entrance. There are numerous stalls and restaurants across the park, though the quality of the food is average. Food prices are quite high; it’s hard to find options below $15.00.

    ℹ️ Good to Know

    Visiting Six Flags Great Adventure is a full-day affair, and you probably won’t be able to see everything. For quick transportation across the park, consider using the gondola to save time.

    Before visiting the park, I recommend downloading the Six Flags mobile app or the PDF attraction map to your phone.

  4. Photos From Six Flags Great Adventure

    Six Flags Great Adventure: Attractions, Tickets, and Tips | © Jeremy Thompson /

    Six Flags Great Adventure: Attractions, Tickets, and Tips | © Jeremy Thompson /

    Six Flags Great Adventure: Attractions, Tickets, and Tips | © Jeremy Thompson /

    Six Flags Great Adventure: Attractions, Tickets, and Tips | © Studio Sarah Lou /

    Six Flags Great Adventure: Attractions, Tickets, and Tips | © Studio Sarah Lou /

    Six Flags Great Adventure: Attractions, Tickets, and Tips | © Jim, the Photographer /

    Six Flags Great Adventure: Attractions, Tickets, and Tips | © Jim, the Photographer /

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