Your Ultimate Guide to 2024 National Holidays in the USA

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National holidays in the USA commemorate the most significant days in the country’s history or honor its most notable figures. The holidays are presented in chronological order as they are celebrated throughout the year.

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Table of Contents
  1. USA National Holidays Calendar 2024
  2. Overview of USA National Holidays 2024

USA National Holidays Calendar 2024

Date Name
January 1, 2024 New Year’s Day
January 15, 2024 Martin Luther King, Jr. Birthday
Inauguration Day
February 19, 2024 Washington’s Birthday
May 27, 2024 Memorial Day
June 19, 2024 Juneteenth National Independence Day
July 4, 2024 Independence Day
September 2, 2024 Labor Day
October 14, 2024 Columbus Day
November 11, 2024 Veterans Day
November 28, 2024 Thanksgiving Day
December 25, 2024 Christmas Day

Overview of USA National Holidays 2024

  1. New Year’s Day

    📅 January 1

    This holiday needs no further introduction, as we also celebrate it. In the USA, it is known as New Year’s Day.

  2. Martin Luther King, Jr. Birthday

    📅 third Monday in January

    Martin Luther King, Jr. was a Baptist preacher and one of the most significant champions of human rights for African Americans. He played a crucial role in abolishing the laws that segregated Americans into white and black. His efforts earned him the Nobel Peace Prize, but he was tragically assassinated at the age of 39.

    Americans honor his legacy on the third Monday in January, and in some states, the holiday is combined with others.

  3. Inauguration Day

    📅 January 20 every fourth year (the one following the presidential election)

    Inauguration Day marks the official commencement of the newly elected President of the United States’ term in office. If January 20 falls on a Sunday, Inauguration Day is moved to January 21.

  4. George Washington’s Birthday

    📅 third Monday in February

    On this national holiday, Americans commemorate the birth of their first president, George Washington. The holiday is sometimes referred to as Presidents Day, as Abraham Lincoln was also born in February.

  5. Memorial Day

    📅 last Monday in May

    Memorial Day, previously known as Day of the Fallen, has been observed across the USA since 1866. Initially, the holiday commemorated the casualties of the American Civil War, but today it honors all those who have died in any war.

  6. Juneteenth National Independence Day

    📅 June 19

    Juneteenth, America’s newest national holiday, was declared by President Joe Biden on June 17, 2021. It commemorates the emancipation of African American slaves after the Civil War.

    The holiday originated in Texas, where Union General Gordon Granger declared slaves’ freedom on June 19, 1865.

  7. Independence Day

    📅 July 4

    Independence Day is one of America’s most recognizable holidays. It commemorates the adoption of the Declaration of Independence on July 4, 1776, marking the United States’ independence from Great Britain. Independence Day festivities typically include barbecues, fireworks, and large public gatherings.

  8. Labor Day

    📅 first Monday in September

    Labor Day is an American holiday honoring the labor movement. On the first Monday in September, the summer season unofficially ends and school begins for children the next day.

  9. Columbus Day

    📅 second Monday in October

    Columbus Day dates back to 1792 when the anniversary of Christopher Columbus’ discovery of America was first celebrated.

  10. Veterans Day

    📅 November 11

    In the USA, war veterans are hailed as heroes, and it’s only fitting they have their own holiday. Veterans Day commemorates the signing of the armistice that ended World War I.

  11. Thanksgiving Day

    📅 fourth Thursday in November

    Thanksgiving is a holiday with a long-standing tradition of expressing gratitude for the fall harvest. A traditional feast, often featuring roast turkey, is a hallmark of this holiday.

  12. Christmas Day

    📅 December 25

    On Christmas Day, Americans traditionally open their presents in the morning. For Christians, the day commemorates the birth of Jesus Christ. Christmas Day has been a national holiday in the U.S. since 1870.

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