Independence Day USA – When Is It, History and Celebrations

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The Fourth of July is the most significant holiday for Americans each year. Though its official name is Independence Day, in the USA it is more commonly referred to as the Fourth of July or July Fourth. Throughout the day, parades are held across the USA, friends gather to grill meat together, and the evening is capped off with a lavish fireworks display. Personally, I can say that the most breathtaking display can be seen silhouetted against the New York skyscrapers.

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    1. When Is Independence Day Celebrated in the USA?
    2. History of American Independence Day
    3. Independence Day Traditions

    When Is Independence Day Celebrated in the USA?

    Independence Day is always celebrated in the USA on the 4th of July. The Fourth of July was recognized as a national holiday in 1941.

  2. History of American Independence Day

    On Independence Day, the entire country commemorates the 4th of July 1776, when the Declaration of Independence of the United States of America was adopted. Thirteen colonies declared their independence from Great Britain, which then had control over the local territory and population. The Declaration was signed by 56 representatives from the colonies, which are now known as the founding states of the United States.

    The states that successively agreed to the Declaration were Delaware, Pennsylvania, New Jersey, Georgia, Connecticut, Massachusetts, Maryland, South Carolina, New Hampshire, Virginia, New York, North Carolina, and Rhode Island.

    Signers of the Declaration of Independence included statesman Benjamin Franklin and future USA President John Adams. They were predominantly middle-class individuals, often serving as judges or businessmen, and many were in their early twenties.

  3. Independence Day Traditions

    The holiday is symbolized by the red, white, and blue tricolor of the national flag.
    Throughout the day, there is a festive mood among the public. The weather is typically pleasant, leading people to picnic in gardens and parks, host barbecues, or watch the parade. Parades occur in every major city, but the largest National Independence Day Parade is traditionally held in the capital, Washington, D.C.

    It’s worth noting that the first celebration accompanied by music was held on July 4, 1783, in Salem, North Carolina. The event was organized by the Moravian Brothers, whose membership was predominantly composed of immigrants from Moravia. Celebrations are still held in this location today.

    The celebrations take on a slightly different flavor in New York. In the borough of Brooklyn, specifically Coney Island, a hot dog eating contest has been held annually since 1972. In 2021, renowned competitive eater Joey Chestnut broke his own record by consuming 76 hot dogs in just 10 minutes. In the evening, a traditional fireworks display is held at the same location. The largest display occurred in 2009, when 22 tons of pyrotechnics lit up the backdrop of the skyscrapers.

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