North Carolina: Map, Largest Cities & What to See

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North Carolina is located in the southeastern United States. The state is considered to be the financial centre of the USA, and several well-known research and development companies are headquartered there. North Carolina is interesting because of its wide topographic range, with beaches on the Atlantic coast alternating with mountains in the west.

North Carolina: Map, Largest Cities & What to See

Map of North Carolina / Where is North Carolina?

Table of Contents
  1. Basic Information About North Carolina
  2. What to See in the State of North Carolina
  3. Fun Facts about North Carolina
  4. North Carolina Weather
  5. North Carolina’s Largest Cities
  6. North Carolina Food Prices
  7. State Symbols of North Carolina

Basic Information About North Carolina

What to See in the State of North Carolina

  1. Great Smoky Mountains National Park
  2. Blue Ridge Parkway
  3. Biltmore Estate
  4. Chimney Rock State Park
  5. Battleship North Carolina in Wilmington
  6. Dry Falls at Highlands
  7. Wheels Through Time Transportation Museum in Maggie Valley
  8. Grandfather Mountain
  9. Jockey’s Ridge State Park
  10. Cape Hatteras Lighthouse in Buxton

For tips on other sights and places of interest in North Carolina, post them in the discussion.

Fun Facts about North Carolina

Date of North Carolina’s Entry into the Union

November 21, 1789 (12th in order)

North Carolina state nickname

The Old North State

The Highest Mountain in North Carolina

Mount Mitchell (2,037 metres)

North Carolina Rivers

  1. Roanoke River (660 km)
  2. New River (510 km)
  3. Neuse River (443 km)
  4. Pee Dee River (373 km)
  5. Catawba River (350 km)

Airports in North Carolina

  1. Charlotte-Douglas International Airport
  2. Raleigh-Durham International Airport
  3. Greensboro – Piedmont Triad International Airport
  4. Wilmington International Airport
  5. Asheville Regional Airport

North Carolina Sports Teams

  • NFL (American football): Carolina Panthers
  • MLB (baseball): no team
  • MLS (soccer): Charlotte FC
  • NHL (ice hockey): Carolina Hurricanes
  • NBA (basketball): Charlotte Hornets

Universities in North Carolina

  • Duke University
  • University of North Carolina
  • North Carolina State University
  • Wake Forest University

ZIP Codes


Weather in North Carolina | Average temperatures in North Carolina | Average precipitation North Carolina

North Carolina Weather

North Carolina is very diverse in terms of climate. The east of the state is influenced by the Atlantic Ocean, which makes the winters quite warm, but on the other hand, the summers are not very hot. Winter temperatures in this area are around a pleasant 12 °C during the day. At night, temperatures rarely drop below freezing.

In the Piedmont region, summer temperatures reach around 32 °C. Winters are colder, with average daytime temperatures of 10 °C and frost at night not uncommon. Frosty thunderstorms are characteristic of the Piedmont.

The coldest part of the state of North Carolina is the Appalachian Mountains. The daytime temperature in winter is only +5 °C and at night it drops several degrees below zero. Abundant snowfall and occasional snowstorms are other hallmarks of this region.

Tornadoes of varying intensity strike North Carolina a few times a year, while hurricanes are not as frequent but are a force to be reckoned with.

Current Forecasts:

North Carolina’s Largest Cities

# City Population Map
1 Charlotte 885,708 Show on Map
2 Raleigh 474,069 Show on Map
3 Greensboro 296,710 Show on Map
4 Durham 278,993 Show on Map
5 Winston-Salem 247,945 Show on Map
6 Fayetteville 211,657 Show on Map
7 Cary 170,282 Show on Map
8 Wilmington 123,784 Show on Map
9 High Point 112,791 Show on Map
10 Concord 96,341 Show on Map

North Carolina Food Prices

  • McDonalds Restaurant McMeal prices: $7.75
  • Restaurant Draft Beer (0.5L): $4.75
  • Cappuccino in restaurant: $4.35
  • Coca-Cola in restaurant (0.33 l): $1.85
  • Milk (1 l): $0.78
  • Bread (500 g): $2.77
  • Rice (1 kg): $3.73
  • Egg (12 pcs): $2.01
  • Cheese (1 kg): $10.95
  • Boneless chicken breast (1 kg): $7.30
  • Beef Loin (1 kg): $13.52
  • Apple (1 kg): $5.65
  • Bananas (1 kg): $1.31
  • Oranges (1 kg): $5.40
  • Tomatoes (1 kg): $4.72
  • Potatoes (1 kg): $3.11
  • Water (1.5 l bottle): $1.76
  • Bottle beer (0.5 l bottle): $2.38
  • Pack of Marlboro cigarettes: $7.49

Grocery prices in the City of Charlotte effective January 2021. Take these as a guide, prices vary widely from store to store. Tax is included in the price.

North Carolina Flag | North Carolina State Emblem

State Symbols of North Carolina

  • Colors: red, blue
  • Wildflower: Carolina lily
  • Gemstone: emerald
  • Insect: bee
  • Stone: granite
  • Flower: flower tree
  • Carnivorous Plant: Strange Flycatcher
  • Mineral: gold
  • Marine fish: red fly
  • Drink: milk
  • Fruit: berries, grapes, strawberries
  • Dog: Plott Hound
  • Song: The Old North State
  • Snake: The Carolingian Wife
  • Bird: Red Cardinal
  • Savannah: gray squirrel
  • Freshwater fish: American whitefish from southern Appalachia
  • Sport: automobile oval racing
  • Tree: pines
  • Dance: Shag Dance, Clogging
  • Christmas Tree: Fraser’s Tree
  • Vegetable: Sweet Potato

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