Dumb North Carolina Laws: You’ll Be Fined for Lip-syncing

Petr Novák

A law was enacted in North Carolina many years ago, stipulating that an unmarried couple checking into a hotel as husband and wife would automatically be considered married.

Dumb North Carolina Laws: You’ll Be Fined for Lip-syncing

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  1. 17 Dumb North Carolina Laws

17 Dumb North Carolina Laws

  • A marriage between two mentally ill individuals can be invalidated by law.
  • All couples staying overnight in a hotel must have at least two beds, each at least 152 cm apart in their room. Sex in the space between the beds is strictly forbidden.
  • Barber: Cat and dog fights are prohibited.
  • Selling empty milk cartons is forbidden as they could be repurposed as inexpensive furniture.
  • Charlotte: Women must have their bodies covered with at least 14 yards of fabric at all times.
  • Elephants cannot be used as draft animals to plow cotton fields.
  • Greensboro: Restaurants that also serve food in the backyard must position the menu so that it is easily readable from the backyard, yet not visible from the street.
  • Hornytown: Operating a massage parlor in this town is illegal.
  • Asheville: Public sneezing is prohibited in this city.
  • Raleigh: Prior to proposing, a man must be inspected for any pets owned by the potential wife’s family. This is to ensure harmonious farm life post-marriage.
  • If a man and a woman, not married to each other, check into a hotel as husband and wife, they automatically become husband and wife.
  • Mooresville: Attaching anything to a pool table is considered a violation of the law.
  • Nags Head: If you lip-sync for more than 90 seconds, you could be fined.
  • Winston-Salem: It’s against the law to enroll a child under the age of seven in high school.
  • It’s illegal to roller skate on the highway.
  • Engaging in sexual activity on cemetery grounds is illegal.
  • Kill Devil Hills: If you fail to hold onto the handlebars with both hands while riding your bike, you could be issued a ticket.

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