Car Rental in Los Angeles – Best Tips Ever for Saving Money

Petr Novk

For cheap car rental in Los Angeles, I suggest using one of the car rental companies located around LAX, based on my comparison. More than 40 car rental companies operate branches here, and the car rental prices in the City of Angels are relatively lower compared to other USA cities.

Car Rental in Los Angeles – Best Tips Ever for Saving Money
For a non-binding price calculation, I recommend using the form below, which compares prices from several rental companies across Los Angeles.

Car Rental Price in Los Angeles

Several factors influence the cost of car rental in Los Angeles:

⏳ Duration of Car Rental

The demand for cars varies throughout the year. It can be higher during public holidays or the summer months, resulting in increased rental costs.

🗓️ Booking Date

The rental price can fluctuate depending on how soon the pick-up date is. Generally speaking, I recommend booking two to three months in advance.

🗺️ Location of the Car Rental

Car rental companies have branches at both large and small airports, in city centers, and on the outskirts. You’re more likely to find lower prices at larger airports where there’s more competition.

🏎️ Category of Rental Car

A smaller car with basic equipment will likely be cheaper than a large truck or a convertible.

🔞 Driver’s Age

Most rental companies charge drivers under the age of 25 an additional fee, believed to be due to their higher likelihood of causing an accident.

☂️ Car Insurance

The rental price is significantly influenced by the extent of the insurance cover taken out. This can be just the basic (similar to compulsory third-party insurance) or, on the contrary, can include breakdown cover or financial protection in the event of loss of the car. Personally, I recommend opting for more insurance rather than less.

🛰️ Add-ons

Additional charges may apply for an extra driver, GPS navigation, or a child car seat. Each of these will affect the rental price.

Never book a car with the first rental company you find. I suggest comparing prices at several car rental companies in Los Angeles. For instance, does this automatically and guarantees the lowest rental price.

In the following table, I’ve listed the cheapest car rentals in Los Angeles for cars of several classes. The price is always for a one-day rental:

Economy Middle SUV Convertible
Cheap car rental in New York Car Rental in New York SUV Rental in New York City Convertible Rental in New York
from $36 from $36 from $41 from $58
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Cheap Car Rental Companies in Los Angeles

The most popular options are the car rentals at Los Angeles Airport (LAX Airport). Over 40 of them operate in the surrounding area, the most well-known of which include Advantage Rent A Car, Alamo Rent A Car, Avis Car Rental, Budget Rent A Car, Dollar Rent A Car, Enterprise Rent-A-Car, Hertz Rent-A-Car, Fox Rent A Car, National Car Rental, and Thrifty Car Rental.

Most of these companies have kiosks in the arrivals hall of the airport, where you can arrange a ride to the car rental parking lot.

There are other car rental agencies open in Santa Monica, such as Enterprise Rent-A-Car, OK Rent A Car Rental, and Avon Rent A Car. In Venice, you can find Marathon Car Rental, MPG Car Rental, and Regency Car Rentals. In Hollywood, you can rent a car from Budget Rent A Car, 699 Rent A Car, or Hollywood Rent A Car.

Road Trip Tips from Los Angeles

Los Angeles is a must-visit destination on any road trip around the western USA.

North of Los Angeles, the Pacific Coast Highway, one of America’s most popular freeways, stretches on. You can drive along the Pacific coast all the way to San Francisco, a city with a unique atmosphere that is distinct within the USA. Key highlights include the unmissable Golden Gate Bridge, the world-renowned Alcatraz Prison, and hills so steep that you might have to lean forward while climbing them to avoid falling. After a day of exploring, rest your sore feet on the trams, where you are legally allowed to lean out.

Approximately 267 mi northeast of Los Angeles lies Las Vegas, arguably the most entertaining city in the world. The drive there takes around four hours, depending on traffic.

Whether you venture north or northeast, the USA National Parks are not to be missed. The area around California and Nevada boasts numerous parks, with Death Valley, the Grand Canyon, and Yosemite being among the most famous.

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