Car Rental in Hawaii – Best Tricks to Save on Big Island & Oahu

Petr Novk

Having your own car in Hawaii is almost indispensable, with the only exception being the city of Honolulu, where public transportation is efficient. For affordable car rental in Hawaii, utilize the resources available on Hawaii Island, Kauai Island, Maui Island, Oahu Island, and Molokai Island.

Car Rental in Hawaii – Best Tricks to Save on Big Island & Oahu

For a no-obligation car rental price quote, use the form below. You are not required to complete the reservation through this form, however, it compares prices across all major car rental companies in Hawaii.

Car Rental Prices in Hawaii

Several factors influence the cost of car rentals in Hawaii, and it’s certainly not just the number of days and the specific rental company involved.

⏳ Season of the Year

During peak tourist season and around national holidays, the demand for cars rises, resulting in increased rental rates.

🗓️ Booking Deadline

From my research, it seems most economical to book 2-3 months in advance of your car pick-up date.

🗺️ Where to Pick Up a Car?

I compared rental rates on the islands of Hawaii, Kauai, Maui, Oahu, and Molokai. Except for the last one, I found identical prices across all. Car rental on Molokai Island was slightly more expensive, with fewer car choices available.

🏎️ Car Category

The most affordable cars are smaller, economy-class vehicles. Mid-range cars are approximately 5-10% more costly, and SUVs are 30-35% more expensive. I recommend renting these types of cars in Hawaii. If you fancy driving a convertible around Hawaii, you’ll pay about 50-60% more compared to an economy car.

🔞 Driver’s Age

Drivers aged between 21 and 24 should expect to pay a daily surcharge of around $25. This fee compensates for the perceived higher risk of causing an accident.

☂️ Insurance Included in the Rental Price

Compulsory insurance is required for all rental cars. For an additional fee, you can obtain recommended collision, damage, or theft insurance.

🛰️ Extra-cost Accessories

You can order GPS navigation, satellite car radio, or a child car seat for an additional fee.

Even if you choose to rent a car on arrival, I wouldn’t recommend selecting the first car rental company in Hawaii that you find. It would be quite a coincidence if it were the cheapest. It’s better to compare rental prices from several companies, as does, offering quotes from 200 car rental companies simultaneously. Plus, it guarantees customers the lowest rental price.

The following table provides a rough idea of the cheapest car rentals in Hawaii for a 24-hour period. Please note that these prices are approximate.

Economy Middle SUV Convertible
Cheap car rental in Hawaii Car Rental in Hawaii Renting an SUV in Hawaii Hawaii Convertible Rental
from $42 from $38 from $49 from $64
Get a Quote Get a Quote Get a Quote Get a Quote

Cheap Car Rental Companies in Hawaii

Car Rental Companies in Honolulu: Numerous branches operate at the airport and downtown, including National Car Rental, Avis Car Rental, Enterprise Rent-A-Car, Alamo Car Rental, and Thrifty Car Rental. At Honolulu Airport, rental counters are conveniently situated in the arrivals hall opposite baggage claim G.

Maui Island Car Rentals: These can be found across the north, west, and south sides of the island. A majority are situated around Kahului Airport, particularly Dollar Rent A Car, Avis Car Rental, Enterprise Rent-A-Car, National Car Rental, and Kimo’s Rent-A-Car. These rental counters are conveniently positioned just behind the building you exit after retrieving your luggage.

Car Rentals on Kauai: These are predominantly located in the town of Lihue on the east coast. Here, you will find Dollar Rent a Car, Enterprise Rent-A-Car, Thrifty Car Rental, Budget Rent A Car, and Hertz Rent A Car locations.

Island of Hawaii Rentals: These rentals can be found along the entire coastline of the island, with the most extensive selection at Hilo Airport on the east side. Dollar, Hertz, Thrifty, Alamo, Budget, National, and Advantage all have branches here.

Molokai Island Rentals: This island has the smallest selection of car rental companies, with only Alamo and Molokai Rental Car maintaining counters at the airport.

Hawaii Road Trip Tips

Consider renting an off-road SUV and exploring the eastern part of the Big Island (Hawaii Island). You’ll find the Hawaii Volcanoes National Park there, home to the famous Kilauea volcano.

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