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The attack on Pearl Harbor stands as one of the most somber moments in American history. On December 7, 1941, the Japanese Imperial Army attacked Honolulu Harbor, which subsequently led to full American involvement in World War II. The USS Arizona alone witnessed the loss of 1,102 out of 1,177 crew members. The sunken submarine now serves as one of the war’s memorials.

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  1. The Japanese Attack on USS Arizona
  2. The USS Arizona National Memorial
  3. Advice and Suggestions for Visitors to the USS Arizona Memorial
  4. Photos of Pearl Harbor and the USS Arizona Memorial

The Japanese Attack on USS Arizona

It was a Sunday, December 7, 1941. Hawaiians, who were at church or spending a day off with their families, found themselves amidst a completely unforeseen occurrence. A fleet of six Japanese aircraft carriers, along with several hundred planes, attacked Hawaii. The attack was swift and unexpected, leaving the Americans with no chance to retaliate. The primary objective of the Japanese was to neutralize the American military forces in the Pacific.

Throughout the course of the attack, the Japanese successfully sank or inflicted severe damage on eight battleships, three destroyers, three cruisers, and a training ship. The most substantial damage was inflicted on the USS Arizona and USS Oklahoma, which the Navy had to completely write off.

The destruction was not merely financial. A total of 2,402 Americans lost their lives in the attack, 1,177 of whom were crew members of the USS Arizona. The American response was immediate. The following day, they declared war on Japan. And just four days after, Germany and Italy declared war on the USA.

Thus, the USA entered World War II…

The USS Arizona National Memorial

Opened to the public in 1962, the memorial is only accessible by boat. Its design is somewhat atypical; it is a bridge that arches over the wreck of the USS Arizona and can accommodate up to 200 visitors simultaneously. Paradoxically, the architect of the memorial was Austrian-born Alfred Preis, who was held captive by the Americans at the onset of the war due to his heritage.

Americans, being patriotic, personally contributed to the construction of the memorial. All they needed to do was purchase a plastic model of the USS Arizona or attend an Elvis Presley benefit concert.

The USS Arizona Museum and Memorial sees over a million visitors each year. Before the tour of the USS Arizona Memorial begins, visitors are shown a 20-minute film about the attack on Pearl Harbor. Following the film, visitors are transported by boat directly to the floating memorial, which consists of a visitor center, a screening room, and a museum with exhibition space.

For those interested in delving deeper into the history of the attack on Pearl Harbor, a visit to the local bookstore is a must. They have over 120 books on the subject!

Advice and Suggestions for Visitors to the USS Arizona Memorial

The Pearl Harbor Visitor Center is located at 1 Arizona Memorial Place in Honolulu, Hawaii. If you don’t have a rental car, bus routes #20 and #42 can get you there.

The Pearl Harbor Visitor Center is open daily, except on Thanksgiving Day, December 25, and January 1, always from 7:00 am to 5:00 pm. Programming for the USS Arizona runs from 8:00 am to 3:30 pm each day.

Admission to the memorial is $1.00. While admission is free, you must reserve a ticket, which includes a reservation fee. Additionally, the Trustees would appreciate any amount of financial donation to aid the upkeep of the operation. A US Navy ship will transport you directly to the site after you pick up your ticket. There are 2,300 of these tickets available each day, and due to the high demand, they are often gone by the morning.

Visitors should expect to spend around four to five hours at the memorial. Also, note that almost all other attractions on site have an entry fee.

Photos of Pearl Harbor and the USS Arizona Memorial

USS Arizona Memorial in Hawaii | © Jennifer Boyer

Memorial to the Victims of the Attack on Pearl Harbor | © Eric and Mary Ellen

Pearl Harbor Memorial | © Official U.S. Navy Page

USS Arizona Memorial, Honolulu, Hawaii | © DVIDSHUB

USS New Orleans and USS Arizona, Hawaii | © Official U.S. Navy

Pearl Harbor in Hawaii | © Official U.S. Navy Page

Pearl Harbor at night | © TomFake

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