Mirage Hotel – Where to Find Volcano and Show Times

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Las Vegas doesn’t provide many attractions that are entirely free. Some exceptions include CBS Television City, the fountains at the Bellagio, and a volcano that spews lava. The Mirage Volcano is adjacent to the hotel of the same name, and it can be visited every day after dusk.

Mirage Volcano Las Vegas | © Marc Evans

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  1. Mirage Volcano: Show Times and Where to Find It
  2. Photos of the Mirage Volcano in Las Vegas

Mirage Volcano: Show Times and Where to Find It

The volcano at the Mirage Hotel started to erupt shortly after the resort’s completion in 1989, and quickly became one of the symbols of the Strip. To compete with rival hotel attractions, it underwent renovations first in 1996, then again in 2008.

During the most recent renovation, the company behind the Bellagio fountain collaborated with Mickey Hart, drummer for the Grateful Dead rock band, and Indian artist Zakira Hussain. They crafted an audiovisual performance that provides 15 minutes of intense heat. The illusion of a volcano is extremely convincing, and the heat radiates quite a distance.

The show is scheduled every hour of every day from 7pm to 11pm. However, that might soon change. The Mirage Resort was purchased by the Hard Rock Group in 2022, which is contemplating a significant redevelopment. This could lead to the extinguishing of the only active volcano in Las Vegas.

The Mirage is located on the Strip between the neighboring Bellagio and Caesars Palace.

Photos of the Mirage Volcano in Las Vegas

Mirage Volcano Las Vegas | © Nan Palmero

Mirage Volcano Las Vegas | © Ashwin Kumar

Mirage Volcano Las Vegas | © Haydn Blackey

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