Dumb Maine Laws: It’s Illegal to Exit a Plane Mid-Flight

Petr Novák

In the state of Maine, it is officially illegal to sell cars on Sundays and to fish for lobsters using your hands. All residents are required to bring shotguns to church due to concerns about potential Indian raids.

Dumb Maine Laws: It’s Illegal to Exit a Plane Mid-Flight

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  1. 8 Funny Maine Laws

8 Funny Maine Laws

  • If your house is still decorated for Christmas after January 14, you can be fined.
  • In August, it’s illegal to walk down the street while playing your violin.
  • Cleaning salmon along the Kennebec River is illegal.
  • Car sales are prohibited on Sundays.
  • Fishing for lobsters by hand is prohibited.
  • In Portland, tickling women with a feather duster is prohibited.
  • Due to the risk of potential Indian attacks, bringing a shotgun to church is mandatory.
  • During flight, it is illegal to step outside the aircraft.

Dumb Laws

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