Dumb Mississippi Laws: A $201 Fine for What?

Petr Novák

Cattle rustlers must be genuinely terrified in Mississippi. According to a very old law, they face the death penalty! It’s not any easier for vagrants either, who face either 30 days in jail or a $201 fine.

Dumb Mississippi Laws: A $201 Fine for What?

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  1. 11 Dumb Mississippi Laws

11 Dumb Mississippi Laws

  • The penalty for cattle rustling is death by hanging.
  • It is illegal to tether a horse within 15.00 ft of a road.
  • Brandon: Blocking a pedestrian with a motor home is prohibited.
  • Temperance: Walking a dog without a diaper is not allowed.
  • Men are forbidden from displaying excitement in public.
  • In Oxford, it is an offence to “make unnecessary noises”.
  • Oxford: Circling the square more than a hundred times is forbidden.
  • Oxford: Driving motor vehicles around the square is illegal.
  • Oxford: The use of trumpets and horns are banned in the town as they are known to scare horses.
  • Tylertown: Shaving in the middle of Main Street is not allowed.
  • Vagrancy is punishable by 30 days in jail or a $201 fine.

Dumb Laws

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