Dumb Missouri Laws: Serving Alcohol To Elephants Is Illegal

Petr Novák

Children in the state of Missouri were once legally able to purchase a shotgun, though not a standard handgun. In one particular town, a local ordinance has banned dancing.

Dumb Missouri Laws: Serving Alcohol To Elephants Is Illegal

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  1. Ten Amusing Laws in Missouri

Ten Amusing Laws in Missouri

  • Children can purchase shotguns, but not pistols.
  • Ballwin: The only location where one is permitted to use vulgar language is at home.
  • Oral sex is prohibited.
  • Springfield: Door-to-door salespeople are forbidden from selling goods by standing in the middle of the road and shouting at passing vehicles.
  • St. Louis: It is unlawful to sit on the curb while drinking beer.
  • Marceline: Minors can purchase newspapers and tobacco, but not lighters.
  • Mole: Frightening children is considered against the law.
  • Natchez: It’s illegal to provide alcohol or drugs to elephants.
  • Purdy: Dancing is entirely banned.
  • University City: It is not allowed for four women to rent an apartment together.

Dumb Laws

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