Dumb North Dakota Laws: Hats in Dance Halls Equals Jail Time

Petr Novák

An old law in North Dakota forbade serving pretzels with beer. Another bizarre ordinance also prohibited lying down and sleeping with your shoes on.

Dumb North Dakota Laws: Hats in Dance Halls Equals Jail Time

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  1. 8 Weird North Dakota Laws

8 Weird North Dakota Laws

  • In any bar or restaurant, pretzels and beer may not be served together.
  • Fargo: Anyone can be jailed for wearing a hat while dancing, or in a location where dancing is occurring.
  • Collirville: All bathtubs must be situated in the yard.
  • Charities are allowed to host poker games for fundraising purposes, but no more than twice a year.
  • Storing lottery tickets in a sandbox is forbidden.
  • Waverly: It is illegal for horses to sleep in a bathtub or a house.
  • Lying down or sleeping while wearing boots is prohibited.
  • One can legally shoot an Indian if traveling in a covered wagon.

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