Dumb South Dakota Laws – Pants for Horses Required!

Petr Novák

According to one of the old ordinances of the town of Fountain Inn in South Dakota, a rider can only bring their horse into town once it has been outfitted with pants. Additionally, films that negatively depict police officers are banned across the state.

Dumb South Dakota Laws – Pants for Horses Required!

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  1. 5 Funny South Dakota Laws

5 Funny South Dakota Laws

  • If more than five Native Americans are present on your property, they can be forcibly removed.
  • Sioux Falls: All hotel rooms must be double rooms, and there must be at least 60 inches of space between beds. Intimate activities are prohibited!
  • A horse can only be brought to the Fountain Inn if it is wearing pants.
  • It is illegal to lie down or sleep on the floor in the cheese room.
  • Films depicting a police officer being punched, shot, or otherwise assaulted are banned throughout the state of South Dakota.

Dumb Laws

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