Dumb West Virginia Laws: Chickens Can’t Lay Eggs!

Petr Novák

In West Virginia, engaging in sexual activities with any animal over 18.00 lb is illegal. Furthermore, a patient cannot be anesthetized unless a third person is present in the room with the physician or dentist.

Dumb West Virginia Laws: Chickens Can’t Lay Eggs!

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  1. 11 Dumb West Virginia Laws

11 Dumb West Virginia Laws

  • According to West Virginia state law, possessing a red or black flag is forbidden.
  • Medical practitioners and dentists cannot anesthetize a patient without a third party being present in the room.
  • If you don a hat in a theater, you are subject to a fine.
  • Nicholas County: Reciting jokes or humorous stories during a service is disallowed.
  • If you inadvertently kill an animal in a car accident, you are permitted to remove and consume it.
  • If you are not in good standing with the local sheriff, you are prohibited from flying a red flag in front of your residence.
  • Engaging in sexual activities with an animal weighing more than 18.00 lb is prohibited.
  • Carrying ice cream in your pocket is unlawful on Sundays.
  • Snoring while on a train is forbidden.
  • By law, hens are only allowed to lay eggs between 8:00 am and 4:00 pm.
  • Whistling underwater is forbidden.

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