Dumb Wisconsin Laws: No Waking a Sleeping Firefighter

Petr Novák

State prisons in Wisconsin once prohibited the serving of butter, with margarine notably being banned statewide. Another peculiar regulation forbids restaurants from serving apple pie without cheese!

Dumb Wisconsin Laws: No Waking a Sleeping Firefighter

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  1. 20 Dumb Wisconsin Laws

20 Dumb Wisconsin Laws

  • Margarine was once banned in this state.
  • Legislators in this state passed a law in the late 1970s declaring that women aged 21 and older did not need to disclose their age. In scenarios where age disclosure is legally required, a woman could respond with, “over twenty.”
  • Serving butter in state prisons was once forbidden.
  • Car sales on Sundays are not allowed.
  • If you wish to make cheese, you must obtain a permit.
  • City residents are prohibited from harming their enemies.
  • Condoms are deemed obscene material and cannot be prominently displayed in pharmacies.
  • In Connorsville, a man may not discharge a gun while his wife is experiencing an orgasm.
  • In this state, you can legally marry your house.
  • If you drive a car after 3 a.m., you must launch a flare into the sky every mile.
  • It’s against the law to cut a woman’s hair.
  • In La Crosse, all mannequins in store windows must be dressed – failing to do so is against the law.
  • In La Crosse, playing chess in public is forbidden.
  • Kissing on a train is prohibited.
  • In Racine, it is illegal to wake up a sleeping firefighter.
  • In Racine, a woman is only permitted to walk on the street at night with a male escort.
  • In Kenosha, a man may not appear excited in public.
  • In Milwaukee, playing drums or the flute on the street to attract attention is not allowed.
  • In St. Croix, women are not allowed to wear red in public.
  • It is forbidden to serve apple pie in restaurants without cheese.

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