Dumb Georgia Laws – You Can Only Eat Chickens With Hands

Petr Novák

In Georgia, all theaters wishing to screen films on Sundays must reserve at least one day a month for religious films. Furthermore, in the city of Gainesville, the law expressly requires that chickens must be eaten with your hands.

Dumb Georgia Laws – You Can Only Eat Chickens With Hands

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  1. 17 Funny Laws from Georgia

17 Funny Laws from Georgia

  • All residents in the town must own a rake.
  • Columbus: It’s illegal to sit on a porch in an uncomfortable position.
  • Columbus: Decapitating chickens on Sundays is illegal.
  • Columbus: It’s prohibited to carry chickens upside down on Sundays along Broadway.
  • Kennesaw: Each law-abiding resident of this city is required to own a gun.
  • Atlanta: Securing a giraffe to a telephone pole or streetlight is illegal.
  • Atlanta: It’s forbidden for one man to mount another’s back.
  • It’s prohibited to hide donkeys in a bathtub.
  • Gainesville: Chickens must be eaten using the hands.
  • The state of Georgia has 75 laws regarding rice paddy construction, despite only having one of its own.
  • Theaters wishing to screen on Sundays must reserve a day each month for religious films.
  • Quitman: Chickens are not allowed to cross the road.
  • In Jonesboro, it’s illegal to exclaim, “Oh, Boy.”
  • Bathing in orange peel is prohibited.
  • Marietta: Spitting from a passenger car or bus is forbidden, yet city residents are allowed to spit from a truck.
  • All signatures must be in English.
  • St. Mary’s: It’s forbidden to spit on the sidewalk after dark.

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