Dumb Illinois Laws – Serving Whiskey to Dogs Is Forbidden

Petr Novák

One of the laws in Illinois once forbade speaking English, and all individuals who didn’t possess at least one dollar risked incarceration. Meanwhile, in the town of Eureka, men sporting mustaches were prohibited from kissing women.

Dumb Illinois Laws – Serving Whiskey to Dogs Is Forbidden

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  1. 23 Funny Illinois Laws

23 Funny Illinois Laws

  • Boardwalk: Since 1900, men have been prohibited from going topless.
  • English cannot be spoken in this state. The only acceptable language is American English.
  • Chicago: It is against the law to eat in a place that is currently ablaze.
  • Chicago: Serving whiskey to dogs is forbidden.
  • Chicago: Flying kites within city limits is not permitted.
  • Chicago: Spitting is banned within the city.
  • Chicago: Fishing while dressed in pajamas is disallowed.
  • Eureka: Mustachioed men are prohibited from kissing women.
  • Evanston: Bowling is not allowed.
  • Galesburg: A fine up to $1,000 can be imposed for hitting rats with a baseball bat.
  • Barbers may not use their hands to apply shaving cream to a customer’s face.
  • Zion: Offering lit cigarettes to dogs, cats, or other pets is disallowed.
  • In the City of Urbana, monsters are forbidden on city property.
  • Engaging in sexual activity with a dog is deemed as assault.
  • Moline: Skating on Riverside Pond is forbidden from June through August.
  • Morton Grove: Possessing a handgun is prohibited.
  • Normal: Making faces at people is not permitted.
  • Orland Park: Pool tables are disallowed in public spaces as they are considered to encourage gambling.
  • Ottawa: Spitting on the sidewalk is classified as assault.
  • Park Ridge: Trucks can only park in enclosed garages.
  • Peoria: Installation of basketball hoops on roads is forbidden.
  • Speaking English is disallowed.
  • If you do not possess at least one dollar, you can be incarcerated for panhandling.

Dumb Laws

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