Dumb Kentucky Laws: Annual Mandatory Shower Required!

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If residents of Kentucky wish to be unclothed at home, they must first register for it. Kentucky law also forbids the mailing of bottles of beer, wine, or other spirits.

Dumb Kentucky Laws: Annual Mandatory Shower Required!

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  1. 11 Funny Kentucky Laws

11 Funny Kentucky Laws

  • Should you persistently mail bottles of beer, wine, or liquor to a friend in Kentucky, you could face a penalty of five years in prison.
  • Anyone wishing to be nude at home must register beforehand.
  • Any person who connects reptiles with worship in any manner could be liable to a fine exceeding $50.
  • Danville: Annually, the mayor is obliged to list the three smartest homemakers in the city on the city bulletin board.
  • Danville: It is unlawful to pour mud and soapy water onto the street.
  • Frankfort: It is illegal to remove a police officer’s tie by shooting it off.
  • All residents are required to take a shower at least once a year.
  • Lexington: It’s unlawful to carry an ice cream cone in your pocket.
  • If a woman marries the same man over three times, she is in violation of the law.
  • Bow and arrow fishing is prohibited in Kentucky.
  • Owensboro: A woman cannot purchase a hat without her husband’s consent.

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