Kentucky: Map, Largest Cities & What to See

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Kentucky lies in the Midwest, along with Virginia, Pennsylvania and Massachusetts is a constitutional state. This means that all laws and regulations of the state are considered to be the common decision of the people. Kentucky is also known for its whiskey production.

Kentucky: Map, Largest Cities & What to See

Map of Kentucky / Where is Kentucky?

Table of Contents
  1. Basic Information About Kentucky
  2. What to See in Kentucky
  3. Fun Facts about Kentucky
  4. Kentucky Weather
  5. Largest Cities in Kentucky
  6. Food Prices in Kentucky
  7. State Symbols of Kentucky

Basic Information About Kentucky

  • State Name: Kentucky
  • State Abbreviation: KY
  • Capital: Frankfort
  • Largest City: Louisville
  • Area: 104,659 km2 (37th largest U.S. state)
  • Population: 4,467,673 (26th highest in the U.S.)
  • Time Zone: Western half of the state CST (UTC-6) and summer CDT (UTC-5), eastern half of the state EST (UTC-5) and summer EDT (UTC-4)
  • More Information:Speed Limits in Kentucky, Current Time in Kentucky, Minimum Wage in Kentucky

What to See in Kentucky

  1. Mammoth Cave National Park
  2. Louisville Mega Cavern
  3. Keeneland Caverns in Lexington
  4. Maker’s Mark Distillery in Loretto
  5. Buffalo Trace Distillery in Frankfort
  6. National Corvette Automobile Museum in Bowling Green
  7. Cave Hill Cemetery
  8. Willett Distilling Company distillery in Bardstown
  9. Kentucky Peerless Distilling Co. in Louisville
  10. Natural Bridge Park near Slade

For tips on other sights and places of interest in Kentucky, post in the discussion.

Fun Facts about Kentucky

Date of Kentucky’s Entry into the Union

June 1, 1792 (15th in order)

Kentucky state nickname

The Bluegrass State

The Highest Mountain in Kentucky

Black Mountain (1,263 metres)

Rivers in Kentucky

  1. Mississippi River (3,730 km)
  2. Ohio River (1,579 km)
  3. Cumberland River (1,107 km)
  4. Tennessee River (1,049 km)
  5. Green River (618 km)

Airports in Kentucky

  1. Cincinnati – Northern Kentucky International Airport
  2. Louisville International Airport
  3. Lexington – Blue Grass Airport
  4. Hopkinsville – Campbell Army Airfield
  5. Owensboro-Daviess County Regional Airport

Kentucky Sports Teams

  • NFL (American football): no team
  • MLB (baseball): no team
  • MLS (football): no team
  • NHL (ice hockey): no team
  • NBA (basketball): no team

Universities in Kentucky

  • University of Kentucky

ZIP Codes


Weather in Kentucky | Average Temperatures in Kentucky | Average Precipitation in Kentucky

Kentucky Weather

Kentucky is located in a subtropical climate zone, with four seasons. Kentucky summers tend to be hot, with temperatures as high as 32°C in the shade. Temperatures drop to -6 °C in winter.

Unfortunately, natural disasters are not that rare in Kentucky, with ice storms, windstorms, tornadoes and floods hitting the state from time to time.

Current Forecasts:

Largest Cities in Kentucky

# City Population Map
1 Lexington-Fayette 295,803 Show on Map
2 Ironville 288,649 Show on Map
3 Meads 288,649 Show on Map
4 Louisville 243,639 Show on Map
5 Lexington 225,366 Show on Map
6 Bowling Green 58,067 Show on Map
7 Owensboro 57,265 Show on Map
8 Covington 40,640 Show on Map
9 Hopkinsville 31,577 Show on Map
10 Richmond 31,364 Show on Map

Food Prices in Kentucky

  • McDonalds Restaurant McMeal prices: $8.00
  • Restaurant draft beer (0.5L): $6.00
  • Cappuccino in restaurant: $4.88
  • Coca-Cola in restaurant (0.33 l): $1.53
  • Milk (1 l): $0.48
  • Bread (500 g): $1.89
  • Rice (1 kg): $4.13
  • Egg (12 pcs): $1.75
  • Cheese (1 kg): $12.59
  • Boneless chicken breast (1 kg): $9.23
  • Beef Loin (1 kg): $12.74
  • Apples (1 kg): $3.65
  • Bananas (1 kg): $1.15
  • Oranges (1 kg): $3.45
  • Tomatoes (1 kg): $3.99
  • Potatoes (1 kg): $2.48
  • Water (1.5 l bottle): $1.77
  • Bottle beer (0.5 l bottle): $2.30
  • Pack of Marlboro cigarettes: $6.00

Grocery prices in Louisville effective January 2021. Take these as a guide, they vary widely from store to store. Tax is included in the price.

Kentucky Flag | Kentucky State Emblem

State Symbols of Kentucky

  • Gemstone: pearl
  • Fossil: brachiopod
  • Insect: bee
  • Music: bluegrass
  • Stone: Kentucky agate
  • Horse: English Thoroughbred
  • Flower: goldenrod
  • Mineral: charcoal
  • Motyl: monarch
  • Drink: milk
  • Fruit: fruits
  • Bird: red cardinal
  • Fish: Kentucky redfish
  • Sports car: Chevrolet Corvette
  • Tree: Tuliptree
  • Wildlife: gray squirrel

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