Dumb Tennessee Laws: No Frog Croaking After 11 PM!

Petr Novák

In Tennessee, a law explicitly prohibits drivers from operating a vehicle while asleep. Even more intriguing, there’s a firm ban on catching fish using a lasso.

Dumb Tennessee Laws: No Frog Croaking After 11 PM!

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  1. 17 Dumb Laws in Tennessee

17 Dumb Laws in Tennessee

  • “Crimes against nature” are forbidden.
  • Driving a car while asleep is illegal.
  • In Dyersburg, women are not allowed to call men to schedule a date.
  • In Fayette County, owning more than five inoperative vehicles is illegal.
  • Oral sex is prohibited.
  • In Jonesboro, a slingshot is considered a deadly weapon.
  • In Memphis, women can only drive if a man is walking ahead of the vehicle, waving a red flag to warn other drivers and pedestrians.
  • Catching fish with a lasso is illegal.
  • In this state, it’s entirely legal to pick up and consume an animal hit by a car.
  • In Memphis, frogs are not permitted to croak after 11:00 p.m.
  • In Knoxville, all buildings must have a post installed for tethering horses.
  • In Lexington, eating ice cream on the sidewalk is prohibited.
  • Panhandlers wishing to earn a living in downtown Memphis must first purchase a ten-dollar license.
  • No more than eight women can live in a house, as this would constitute a brothel.
  • In Nashville, men are not allowed to be in public if they are visibly excited.
  • Horse theft is punishable by hanging.
  • In Oneida, an ordinance forbids anyone from singing the song It Ain’t Goin’ To Rain No Mo.”

Dumb Laws

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