Dumb Texas Laws: Milking Another Person’s Cow Is Illegal

Petr Novák

An antiquated law in Texas once permitted murder, albeit with a condition that the perpetrator must inform the victim beforehand of the time and method of the intended murder. Conversely, in Jasper, all dogs must be on a leash throughout the day.

Dumb Texas Laws: Milking Another Person’s Cow Is Illegal

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  1. 29 Dumb Laws from Texas

29 Dumb Laws from Texas

  • Unless you possess a specific five-dollar permit, wandering the town barefoot is prohibited.
  • Austin: Keeping pinchers in your pockets is illegal.
  • Beaumont: Lamar University has prohibited the playing of American football.
  • Borger: The use of confetti, inflatable balloons, whips, and all kinds of sparklers is forbidden.
  • Dallas: Possession of “very realistic” vibrators is not allowed.
  • El Paso: Churches, hotels, stores, department stores, banks, saloons, and train stations are required to provide sufficient spittoons for all.
  • Galveston: It’s illegal to drive on Broadway before midnight on Sundays.
  • Houston: Selling beer after midnight on Sundays is forbidden, however, beer sales are permitted on Mondays.
  • If you have previously attended a church in Texas and plan on returning, you are required to wear the same clothes as you did on your first visit.
  • Corpus Christie: Housing alligators is not permitted.
  • Kingsville: Breeding pigs on the local airport’s property is strictly prohibited.
  • In Lefors, one can only take a maximum of three sips of beer at a time while standing.
  • Mesquite: Children with unusual hairstyles are violating the law.
  • In Texas, it’s legal for chickens to mate with humans, however, the opposite is not permissible.
  • It is illegal to shoot at a bison from the second floor of a hotel.
  • Having an open trash can or ashtray in a vehicle is not permitted.
  • Milking another person’s cow is illegal.
  • Spitting on the sidewalk is prohibited.
  • A husband can legally hit his wife as long as he doesn’t use an implement wider than his wife’s thumb.
  • Blind individuals may not hunt unless accompanied by a sighted person.
  • Murder is permissible in Texas, but only if the victim is informed in advance about the time and method of the intended murder.
  • In San Antonio, it’s illegal to play the trumpet, play loud music, or create excessive noise in any other manner. This law is enforced by a special four-person police unit.
  • Jasper: Dogs must be leashed 24 hours a day. Violation of this law attracts a $100 fine.
  • Richardson: Placing a “for sale” sign on a car is against the law.
  • Richardson: Turning a car 180 degrees is considered illegal.
  • Temple: Riding a horse and buggy across the main town square is illegal, though onecan visit the saloon with a horse.
  • Texarkana: Horse owners who wish to ride their horses at night must equip them with reflectors.
  • Owning a pair of tongs is prohibited.
  • The complete Encyclopedia Britannica is banned in Texas due to its inclusion of instructions for home-brewing.

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