Best Tips for Selecting Your Perfect USA Holiday Tour

Petr Novk

If you find yourself hesitant about organizing your own journey or apprehensive about travelling alone, tours to the USA could be just the thing for you. Numerous travel agencies offer excursions to both the east and west coasts, allowing you to explore and relax simultaneously. To discover how to choose a tour and what aspects to be mindful of, keep reading this article.

Best Tips for Selecting Your Perfect USA Holiday Tour

  1. How to Choose a Tour to the USA

    ️🗺️ Destination

    Tours to the USA are most frequently offered for New York, Florida, California, and Hawaii. Some packages combine New York with Miami and California with Hawaii.

    When deciding, initially ascertain whether you’d prefer to spend a week in one location, or travel throughout multiple states in the USA over the course of up to three weeks.

    ️📅 Tour Length

    Determine how much time you can allocate and what you wish to see and experience in the USA.

    A sightseeing tour to New York requires 5-7 days, which provides ample time to see the attractions and immerse yourself in the local atmosphere. A week is also sufficient for a trip to Florida, especially if your priority is relaxation over chasing attractions.

    If you are keen to explore the west coast, national parks and the cities in between, plan for a minimum of 14 days.

  2. What to Look Out for on a Trip to the USA

    💵 What’s Included in the Price

    Carefully examine what is and what isn’t included in the price of the tour. Pay close attention to airfare, accommodation, local taxes, resort fees, meals, admissions, delegate services, transfer gratuities, and ESTA. Nowadays, tour operators provide clear information about what is not included in the price.

    For tours priced under $1,000, it’s quite likely that the airfare to the USA is not included. You might encounter this, for instance, with tours to Florida that involve a cruise ship. For the most affordable tours of this kind, a standard inside cabin of the ship, which does not offer a view of the sea, is typical.

    🌙 Number of Days Versus Number of Nights

    When it comes to the tour length, I recommend referencing the number of nights and taking the number of days with a pinch of salt. Considering the time difference and arrival and departure times, it’s quite common to see offers for a “5-day tour” where one day includes a late evening arrival and the following day is essentially spent on the plane.

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