Dumb Kansas Laws: No Ice Cream on Cherry Pie!

Petr Novák

In Kansas, it is legally prohibited to add ice cream to cherry pies. Even more peculiar is the ban on whaling, despite the fact that the creature has never been spotted within the state’s borders.

Dumb Kansas Laws: No Ice Cream on Cherry Pie!

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  1. Eleven Funny Kansas Laws

Eleven Funny Kansas Laws

  • Dodge City: Every place of business must keep a bucket of water on hand for horses.
  • Kansas City: If you mention the name of President George Washington without appending “God save him”, you may be liable for a 50-cent fine.
  • Natoma: Throwing knives at men wearing striped jackets is against the law.
  • Topeka: Waitstaff are not permitted to serve wine in tea cups.
  • Topeka: Installing bathtubs yourself is not allowed.
  • Whaling is forbidden.
  • The addition of ice cream to cherry pie is not allowed.
  • Fishing with your bare hands is against the law.
  • Shooting rabbits from a motorboat is forbidden.
  • Russell: Car horns that play melodies are not permitted.
  • Salina: Leaving your car running unattended is prohibited.

Dumb Laws

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