Alabama: Map, Largest Cities & What to See

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Alabama is a state in the southeastern U.S. When most people hear its name, the first thing that comes to mind is the hit Sweet Home Alabama by Lynyrd Skynyrd. Alabama became a world leader in transportation when the city of Montgomery was the first to put an electric streetcar system into service in 1886.

Alabama: Map, Largest Cities & What to See

Map of Alabama / Where is Alabama?

Table of Contents
  1. Basic Information About Alabama
  2. What to See in the State of Alabama
  3. Fun Facts about Alabama
  4. Alabama Weather
  5. Largest Cities in Alabama
  6. Food Prices in Alabama
  7. State Symbols of Alabama

Basic Information About Alabama

  • State Name: Alabama
  • State Abbreviation: AL
  • Capital: Montgomery
  • Largest City: Birmingham
  • Area: 135,765 km2 (30th largest U.S. state)
  • Population: 4,903,185 (24th highest in the U.S.)
  • Time Zone: Most of the state CST (UTC-6) and summer CDT (UTC-5), Phenix City EST (UTC-5) and summer EDT (UTC-4)
  • More Information: Speed Limits in Alabama, Current Time in Alabama, Minimum Wage in Alabama

What to See in the State of Alabama

  1. Battleship USS ALABAMA in Mobile
  2. Birmingham Museum of Art
  3. Early 19th century Fort Gaines on Dauphin Island
  4. Birmingham Institute for Human Rights
  5. Huntsville Botanical Garden
  6. U.S. Space and Rocket Center Museum in Huntsville
  7. Zoo in Birmingham
  8. Cheaha State Park
  9. McWane Science Center Museum and Aquarium in Birmingham
  10. Little River Canyon National Preserve

You can post tips for other sights and places of interest in Alabama in the discussion.

Fun Facts about Alabama

Date of Alabama’s Entry into the Union

December 14, 1819 (22nd in order)

State of Alabama nickname

Yellowhammer state

The Highest Mountain in Alabama

Mount Cheaha (736 metres)

Rivers in Alabama

  1. Tennessee River (1,049 km)
  2. Chattahoochee River (690 km)
  3. Alabama River (512 km)
  4. Coosa River (450 km)
  5. Tallapoosa River (426 km)

Alabama Airports

  1. Birmingham-Shuttlesworth International Airport
  2. Huntsville International Airport
  3. Mobile Regional Airport
  4. Montgomery Regional Airport
  5. Dothan Regional Airport

Alabama Sports Teams

  • NFL (American football): no team
  • MLB (baseball): no team
  • MLS (football): no team
  • NHL (ice hockey): no team
  • NBA (basketball): no team

Universities in Alabama

  • University of Alabama
  • Troy University
  • Auburn University

ZIP Codes


Weather in Alabama | Average Temperatures in Alabama | Average Precipitation Alabama

Alabama Weather

Alabama lies in a subtropical climate zone, the north of the state is cooler compared to the south.

Winters in Alabama tend to be relatively mild, with average temperatures slightly above freezing. Snow tends to be rather rare. Summers in Alabama tend to be hot, with temperatures exceeding 32 °C and frequent tropical storms or hurricanes. Severe thunderstorms accompanied by lightning or hail can be found across the state.

Current Forecasts:

Largest Cities in Alabama

# City Population Map
1 Birmingham 212,237 Show on Map
2 Montgomery 205,764 Show on Map
3 Mobile 195,111 Show on Map
4 Huntsville 180,105 Show on Map
5 Tuscaloosa 90,468 Show on Map
6 Hoover 81,619 Show on Map
7 Dothan 65,496 Show on Map
8 Decatur 55,683 Show on Map
9 Auburn 53,380 Show on Map
10 Madison 42,938 Show on Map

Food Prices in Alabama

  • McDonalds Restaurant McMeal prices: $8.00
  • Restaurant Draft Beer (0.5L): $5.00
  • Cappuccino in restaurant: $4.25
  • Coca-Cola in restaurant (0.33 l): $1.90
  • Milk (1 l): $0.95
  • Bread (500 g): $2.47
  • Rice (1 kg): $6.59
  • Egg (12 pcs): $2.99
  • Cheese (1 kg): $6.59
  • Boneless chicken breast (1 kg): $8.26
  • Beef Loin (1 kg): $15.43
  • Apples (1 kg): $11.00
  • Bananas (1 kg): $1.15
  • Oranges (1 kg): $13.21
  • Tomatoes (1 kg): $15.41
  • Potatoes (1 kg): $1.87
  • Water (1.5 l bottle): $3.99
  • Bottle beer (0.5 l bottle): $1.53
  • Pack of Marlboro cigarettes: $4.99

Grocery prices in Montgomery valid in January 2021. Take them as a guide, they vary widely from store to store. Tax is included in the price.

Alabama Flag | Alabama State Emblem

State Symbols of Alabama

  • Gemstone: blue quartz
  • Fossil: basilosaurus
  • Insect: monarch butterfly
  • Stone: marble
  • Flower: camellia
  • Mascot: Eastern buttercup
  • Mineral: hematite
  • Marine fish: Atlantic tarpon
  • Butterfly: Eastern butterflyfish
  • Animal: Hubricht’s newt
  • Walnut: pecan nut
  • Fruit: blackberries
  • Fruit tree: peach tree
  • Plant: Alabama grass
  • Moss: black bear
  • Freshwater fish: trout perch
  • Tree: mud pine
  • Dance: Square Dance
  • Wild plant: Double-leaved hydrangea

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