Arkansas: Map, Largest Cities & What to See

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Arkansas is located in the south of the USA, characterized by its diversity, which makes it an attractive tourist destination. The Ouachita Mountains and Ozarks are complemented by the heavily forested area to the south or the Mississippi River area to the east. Arkansas is home to more than 50 state parks and is known as the Natural State.

Arkansas: Map, Largest Cities & What to See

Map of Arkansas / Where is Arkansas?

Table of Contents
  1. Basic Information About Arkansas
  2. What to See in the State of Arkansas
  3. Fun Facts about Arkansas
  4. Weather in Arkansas
  5. Largest Cities in Arkansas
  6. Food Prices in Arkansas
  7. State Symbols of Arkansas

Basic Information About Arkansas

What to See in the State of Arkansas

  1. Hot Springs National Park
  2. Arkansas Air Museum
  3. Mount Magazine State Park
  4. Mammoth Spring State Park
  5. Crater of Diamonds State Park
  6. The wooden Thorncrown Chapel in Eureka Springs
  7. Petit Jean State Park
  8. Blanchard Springs Caverns
  9. Arkansas Arts Center
  10. Little Rock Zoo

You can post tips for other sights and places of interest in Arkansas in the discussion.

Fun Facts about Arkansas

Date of Arkansas’ entry into the Union

June 15, 1836 (25th in order)

State of Arkansas nickname

The Natural State

The Highest Mountain in Arkansas

Mount Magazine (839 metres)

Rivers in Arkansas

  1. Mississippi River (3,730 km)
  2. Arkansas River (2,364 km)
  3. Red River (2,190 km)
  4. White River (1,162 km)
  5. Ouachita River (882 km)

Airports in Arkansas

  1. Little Rock National Airport
  2. Fayetteville Arkansas Regional Airport
  3. Fort Smith Regional Airport
  4. Texarkana Regional Airport
  5. Boone County Airport

Sports Teams in Arkansas

  • NFL (American football): no team
  • MLB (baseball): no team
  • MLS (football): no team
  • NHL (ice hockey): no team
  • NBA (basketball): no team

Universities in Arkansas

  • University of Arkansas

ZIP Codes


Weather in Arkansas | Average Arkansas Temperatures | Average Arkansas Precipitation

Weather in Arkansas

Arkansas is characterized by a humid climate with generally above average temperatures. Summers tend to be very hot and muggy, with temperatures in July typically ranging between 24°C and 34°C. Temperatures in January reach around +5 °C and rarely drop below zero.

Arkansas is known for its frequent occurrence of various natural phenomena. Countless thunderstorms, hailstorms, tornadoes and snow and ice storms hit the state throughout the year.

Current Forecasts:

Largest Cities in Arkansas

# City Population Map
1 Little Rock 193,524 Show on Map
2 Fort Smith 86,209 Show on Map
3 Fayetteville 73,580 Show on Map
4 Springdale 69,797 Show on Map
5 Jonesboro 67,263 Show on Map
6 North Little Rock 62,304 Show on Map
7 Conway 58,908 Show on Map
8 Rogers 55,964 Show on Map
9 Pine Bluff 49,083 Show on Map
10 Bentonville 35,301 Show on Map

Food Prices in Arkansas

  • McDonalds Restaurant McMeal prices: $7.00
  • Restaurant draft beer (0.5L): $4.50
  • Cappuccino in restaurant: $4.57
  • Coca-Cola in restaurant (0.33 l): $1.81
  • Milk (1 l): $0.88
  • Bread (500 g): $2.28
  • Rice (1 kg): $2.85
  • Egg (12 pcs): $2.08
  • Cheese (1 kg): $11.82
  • Boneless chicken breast (1 kg): $6.60
  • Beef Loin (1 kg): $8.32
  • Apples (1 kg): $4.90
  • Bananas (1 kg): $1.67
  • Oranges (1 kg): $2.73
  • Tomatoes (1 kg): $3.42
  • Potatoes (1 kg): $2.33
  • Water (1.5 l bottle): $1.65
  • Bottle beer (0.5 l bottle): $3.57
  • Pack of Marlboro cigarettes: $6.75

Grocery prices in Little Rock effective January 2021. Take these as a guide, they vary widely from store to store. Tax is included in the price.

Arkansas Flag | Arkansas State Emblem

State Symbols of Arkansas

  • Gemstone: diamond
  • Insect: bee
  • Musical instrument: violin
  • Stone: bauxite
  • Floral design: apple blossom
  • Field Dance: Square Dance
  • Mineral: Silicon
  • Motile: Diana’s Pearl
  • Drink: milk
  • Grain: Rice
  • Grape variety: Norton / Cynthiana
  • Nut: Pecan
  • Fruits and vegetables: tomatoes
  • Bird: Multi-crowned Nightjar
  • Mammal: White-tailed deer
  • Tree: Pine tree

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