Step-by-Step Guide: Checking Your ESTA Status Online

Petr Novák

Do you know if your ESTA travel registration is still valid? Have you lost your application number and are you unsure if you can travel to the USA? Neither situation is a problem. You can trace your ESTA on the USA government website.

Step-by-Step Guide: Checking Your ESTA Status Online | ©

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    1. Where to Check the Status of Your ESTA Registration for the USA
    2. When You Can Complete a New ESTA Registration

    Where to Check the Status of Your ESTA Registration for the USA

    You can verify the status of your ESTA travel registration at the government’s site. This is the only official website operated by the United States government.

    On the site, you simply need to enter your passport number, date of birth, and either your ESTA registration number or additional details from your passport to confirm your identity.

    If there is a valid ESTA registration on the passport, the details will appear. If the ESTA has expired or is not associated with the document, only an error message will appear.

  2. When You Can Complete a New ESTA Registration

    The earliest you can complete a new ESTA travel registration is 10 days after you have completed the previous one. The approval or disapproval of the new travel registration has no impact on the previous one. Please note that you will need to pay for the new ESTA registration again.

    You will be charged $4.00 for completing the ESTA, and if approved, your card will be charged an additional $17.00.

    Before completing the application, consider whether you need to apply for a new ESTA. If you do not have a new passport, have not changed your last name, or have not altered your answer to any of the questions on the form, your ESTA remains valid for 2 years.

    Airlines and other authorities transmit data electronically, so there is no need for a printed registration.

Discussion (2)

hola, if I already have a ticket with departure in about a month, should I arrange it as soon as possible? or only a few days before departure? or whether the 90 days count from the time of boarding the plane or not.


Hi, the ESTA form is valid for two years, and it is recommended to have it issued at least 72 hours before departure. You can get it earlier (now) – which I recommend – firstly it doesn’t matter and secondly you can’t forget it and have to deal with any problems.


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