9 Best Value Hotels on the Vegas Strip with Top Ratings

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Seeking accommodation in Las Vegas? Continue reading. I’ll guide you on which hotels to avoid, what to be aware of, and provide accommodation tips for different guest groups to save you time in choosing. I would personally stay at each of the recommended hotels.

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    1. Where to Stay in Las Vegas
    2. The Best Value Hotels on the Strip
    3. Cheap Hotels in Las Vegas off the Strip

    Where to Stay in Las Vegas

    🗺️ Location

    Downtown Las Vegas is commonly known as the Strip. This 6.8 km stretch along the bustling thoroughfare houses 13 out of the world’s 25 largest hotels. If you’re not on a tight budget, I suggest staying here.

    For instance, Stratosphere and Circus Circus are more affordable, but they’re far from the heart of the action.

    💵 Las Vegas Hotel Prices

    Accommodation prices escalate during the weekends as crowds descend upon the city, driving prices up. Rooms with views of the Strip and those on higher floors tend to cost more. Request the highest available floor at check-in. It might come with an additional charge, but you could get lucky.

    Numerous hotels exclude the 4th and 40th-49th floors from their numbering, catering to their Asian clientele’s superstitions as these numbers sound like “death” in Chinese. Some hotels even offer a room on the 53rd floor, despite it actually being the 42nd floor.

    💲 Resort Fees

    The “resort fee” is a method of extracting extra money from tourists. The fee of $35–$45 per room per night covers charges for the internet, fitness center, and other often unnecessary services. Almost every hotel in Las Vegas imposes a resort fee. Ensure to check whether it is included in the listed price during booking.

    ⭐ Hotel Rating

    When selecting a hotel, don’t rely solely on stars. The rating and reviews from previous guests are the decisive factors. On Booking.com, I recommend a minimum rating of 7.3 and at least 100 reviews. A lesser number of reviews could distort the score (which typically decreases over time).

  2. The Best Value Hotels on the Strip

    I have curated for you a list of 9 hotels on the Strip that provide excellent value for money. Each comes in a slightly different style. I recommend browsing through the photographs of all the hotels and making a selection based on your personal preferences.

    1️⃣ Treasure Island

    The primary advantage is the blend of an excellent location in the central part of the Strip and a relatively affordable price. I have stayed at Treasure Island, enjoyed the view of the Strip, the cleanliness and spaciousness of the rooms, and the convenience store directly across the street. The hotel is decorated in a pirate-Caribbean style, and since my visit to TI, I’ve developed an affinity for the coconut scent that wafts in the lobby. The resort use fee was a minor annoyance, but it’s almost inescapable in Las Vegas.

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    2️⃣ Bellagio Las Vegas

    The hotel with the singing fountains is among the more luxurious and costly offerings the Strip presents. It holds a solid 8.4/10 rating on Booking, with guests extolling the location, large rooms, and views. If I’m not overly concerned about budget, I would stay at the Bellagio.

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    3️⃣ The Signature at MGM Grand

    Despite its name, it offers some of the best value for money among all hotels on the Strip. The four-star hotel has an 8.5/10 rating on Booking, with former guests particularly commending the views and the highly comfortable beds. A short walk from the Signature will lead you to, for instance, the Bellagio Fountains.

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    4️⃣ Caesars Palace Hotel & Casino

    This mammoth hotel with several towers is designed in the ancient Roman style. The lobby is dominated by a giant golden lion, famously featured in the popular movie, Hangover. Caesars Palace has a 7.5/10 rating on Booking, with the majority of negative reviews bemoaning the lengthy check-in process.

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    5️⃣ The Venetian Las Vegas

    This resort, styled in Venetian fashion, is situated on the Strip’s north side. Canals run beside the hotel, where a singing gondolier will guide you. The Venetian is recommended for couples in search of romance. It has a high rating of 8.7/10, with the location receiving top marks.

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    6️⃣ The Mirage

    The signature of this elegant Polynesian-style hotel in the central Strip is a lava-spewing volcano. The Mirage is among the pricier hotels, boasting an 8.0/10 rating on Booking. Guests laud the location and friendly staff, while directing complaints at the hotel’s restaurants.

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    7️⃣ MGM Grand

    Located on the Strip’s south side, this resort is adjacent to a monorail station and provides convenient connections to other Las Vegas spots. The MGM Grand, for instance, houses the attraction CBS Television City alongside a massive casino where upcoming TV series can be previewed. It holds a 7.6/10 rating on Booking, with negative reviews often noting the costly in-room minibar.

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    8️⃣ Paris Las Vegas

    The resort is adorned in a French style, as evidenced by the replica Eiffel Tower positioned in front of the hotel. It serves as a viewing point for the surrounding area, offering stunning views, especially after sunset. Paris Las Vegas has a rating of 7.8/10, with pros being the ideal location and room view, and the con being slow check-in.

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    9️⃣ Luxor Las Vegas

    The Luxor resort symbolizes a pyramid and boasts Egyptian-style facilities. The hotel’s rating is merely 7.5/10, largely due to its location on the Strip’s edge and subpar facilities. However, it ranks among the Strip’s most affordable hotels and provides beautiful window views.

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  3. Cheap Hotels in Las Vegas off the Strip

    The following five hotels, located outside of downtown Las Vegas, have lower ratings and more drawbacks. However, given their lower pricing, these are suitable choices for individuals who primarily want to sleep and spend their money elsewhere.

    1️⃣ Four Queens Hotel & Casino Las Vegas

    This hotel, rated 7.4/10, is situated in the historic Fremont area. It doesn’t charge resort fees, allowing for a significantly lower rate. The rooms and amenities are somewhat dated, but are adequate for a short stay.

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    2️⃣ Downtowner Boutique Hotel Las Vegas

    This very affordable hotel is located in the Fremont neighborhood, well away from the center of the action. The Downtowner Boutique is suitable for travelers who just want to stay overnight and don’t require the comforts of a resort, although the bar, for example, is open 24 hours a day. It has a 6.9/10 rating on Booking, with guests complaining about the hotel’s inferior amenities.

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    3️⃣ The D Las Vegas

    The D is a highly-rated hotel in a prime location at an appealing price point. It is located on Fremont Street in the historic district of Las Vegas. It has a 7.8/10 rating on Booking, with guests often praising the location and room size. The most common complaints revolve around the lack of an in-room coffee maker and street noise.

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    4️⃣ Excalibur Las Vegas

    The resort, located on the south side of the Strip, grabs attention with its fairy-tale castle appearance. It is one of the cheapest hotels in its category, with a 7.5/10 rating on Booking. Guests praise the location, comfortable beds, and good pricing, though they often criticize the cigarette smoke in the casino.

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    5️⃣ Downtown Grand Hotel & Casino Las Vegas

    This grand hotel and casino is located in Las Vegas’s historic district. Despite its low pricing, it boasts an impressive 8.0/10 rating, a large pool terrace, and an adjacent mall. Guests laud the location, pricing, and free parking. Complaints are mostly directed at the absence of an in-room coffee maker and the substandard quality of the restaurants.

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