Go City Pass Las Vegas – Attractions, How to Save $282.79

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With one payment you get the opportunity to visit dozens of attractions without any additional payments. The more you can experience in 2-5 days, the more you save. That’s Go City Pass Las Vegas in a nutshell. Read on for tips on how you can use it to experience a nighttime helicopter flight over the Strip, a Cirque du Soleil show, or the Big Apple Coaster and save up to $283 at no extra cost.

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  1. Table of Contents
    1. Go City Pass Las Vegas Will Save You $283 in 4 Days
    2. Price of Go Pass Las Vegas 2024
    3. Attractions Included in Go City Las Vegas
    4. Tricks to Save the Most With Go City Las Vegas
    5. Go City Pass Itinerary for 3 and 4 Days
    6. Frequently Asked Questions

    Go City Pass Las Vegas Will Save You $283 in 4 Days

    💳 How Go City Pass Las Vegas Works

    The Go City Pass works as a prepaid card for attractions in and around Las Vegas. Simply put, you pay an (admittedly quite high) amount for one card, but then you can visit the attractions of your choice without paying anything extra. The The New York Pass and New York CityPass work on the same principle.

    💰 Is Go City Pass Las Vegas Worth It?

    If you buy a Go City Pass and then only visit two or three attractions, it’s not worth it.

    If you have the time and want to experience the best of Las Vegas in two to five days, including a helicopter tour, the High Roller Ferris Wheel, Eiffel Tower, the The Strat, the Big Apple Coaster, the Hoover Dam, or a Cirque du Soleil show, it’s definitely worth it.

    The more places you visit, the more you save. If you can visit 11 attractions in 4 days and choose to take a helicopter flight, you’ll save $283 compared to regular prices. Over the course of 3 days, you can save around $145 depending on what experiences you’re interested in.

    My advice: Buy a Go City Pass for three intense days of experiences and visit the best attractions during those days. On the other days, have a more relaxed schedule where you can visit casinos, Heart Attack Grill and other places. When you finish reading the article at the end, I’ll give you an itinerary to get the full experience out of the Go City Pass.

    🛒 Where to Buy the Cheapest Go City Pass Las Vegas

    The best way is to buy a Go City Pass on the official website, where it’s very often sold at an additional discount of up to $35. Just choose the variant, the length of validity or the number of attractions included and pay with your card. I recommend using Revolut or Wise, both have better rates than regular bank cards, so you’ll save.

    After payment, you will receive an email with a confirmation number and QR code. You then download the Go City mobile app and scan the QR code to authorise your order. After that, you can visit the attractions as you wish, always scanning the code in the app at the entrance.

    Some attractions require advance reservations, on the Go City Las Vegas website and app, they are always marked with a “Booking required” label. You can make a reservation directly in the app. I recommend thinking about this in advance so you don’t miss out on an experience you don’t want to miss.

    You can purchase a Go City Pass Las Vegas up to 2 years in advance. You can cancel within 90 days of purchase, in which case 100% of the amount paid will be refunded. The condition is that the pass has not yet been activated.

  2. Price of Go Pass Las Vegas 2024

    Go Pass Las Vegas comes in two flavors, each suited for a different person.

    The Explorer Pass is for those who want to experience the best, but don’t necessarily need to see everything. In contrast, the All-Inclusive will provide the highest savings for those who want to catch as many attractions as possible. For the duration of the pass, you can visit everything with it.

    For both Go Pass Las Vegas options, you can still choose the number of attractions included or the length of validity in days. The price is then based on this.

    🎫 Explorer Pass Price – Number of Attractions Purchased Within 60 Days

    Once you have purchased an Explorer Pass, you can choose 2-7 attractions from the range, you will have 60 days from the first use of the pass to visit them. The more attractions you pay for, the lower the price per attraction.

    The Las Vegas Explorer Pass is worth using by going through the list of all the included attractions and adding up the prices of the ones you want to see. The Explorer Pass is only worth using for the most expensive experiences on offer.

    Number of attractions 2 3 4 5 6 7
    Adult $74 $104 $129 $149 $159 $174
    Child (3- 12 years) $64 $89 $109 $124 $149 $164

    🎟️ Price of All-Inclusive Pass – Unlimited Attractions on Purchased Days

    The other option is the All-Inclusive Pass available for 2, 3, 4, or 5 consecutive days. During these days you can visit unlimited attractions included in the price, even several in one day. The All-Inclusive Pass for 3-5 days includes one premium experience, choose between a helicopter flight, Cirque du Soleil shows or a day trip to the national parks.

    In my experience, the All Inclusive Pass is most valuable if you buy it for 3-4 days, during which you visit as many attractions as possible. You’ll be able to take a helicopter ride, and the Go City Pass also includes food or a discount on it.

    Number of days 2 3 4 5
    Adult $154 $264 $319 $344
    Child (3-12 years) $144 $249 $299 $314
  3. Attractions Included in Go City Las Vegas

    In the table below, I’ve selected the highlights of what you can visit with a Go Pass in your pocket. For a complete list of attractions, visit Go City Las Vegas website. Each item details what is included and where advance reservations are required.

    Attractions marked 🟢 are normally available. With the All-Inclusive option you can visit them all, with the Explorer Pass you can choose from them up to the number of attractions you have purchased. Premium experiences marked 🟡 are only available with the All-Inclusive Pass for 3-5 days, you can only choose one of them.

    I last updated ticket and experience prices on May 3, 2024.

    Attraction Money Price Explorer Pass All-Inclusive Pass
    Mad Apple by Cirque du Soleil Ticket $137 🟡
    Strip Highlights Night Helicopter Flight $124 🟡
    Bryce Canyon & Zion National Parks Tour $159 🟡
    KA by Cirque du Soleil Ticket $135 🟡
    Full Day Grand Canyon National Park Tour $129 🟡
    High Roller Observation Wheel Ticket $31 🟢 🟢
    The Big Apple Roller Coaster Ticket $25 🟢 🟢
    Hoover Dam Highlights Tour $55 🟢 🟢
    Fly LINQ Zipline Ticket $51 🟢 🟢
    The Tower at the STRAT Ticket $24.00 🟢 🟢
    Eiffel Tower Las Vegas Ticket $27 🟢 🟢
    Hop-On Hop-Off Big Bus Ticket $55 🟢 🟢
    Madame Tussauds Admission $39 🟢 🟢
    GoCar Tour of Las Vegas Strip $72 🟢 🟢
    Rockstar Nightclub Tour $99 🟢 🟢
  4. Tricks to Save the Most With Go City Las Vegas

    🚦 Create Your Attraction Traffic Lights

    Browse the list of all available attractions on the Go Pass website and mark them with the colours as on the traffic lights. Green the attractions you want to see at all costs. In yellow, the attractions you like to visit when you have extra time. And mark in red the attractions you are not interested in.

    Then count the green and yellow and choose your ideal waist length accordingly. A roller coaster or Ferris wheel ride takes a few minutes, a trip to Hoover Dam a few hours. Expect to visit no more than 3-4 places in a day.

    🙄 Some Attractions Are a Waste of Time

    Honestly: a good portion of the available attractions are just to the number to make the offer wider. Unless you’re downright interested in unusual museums or are a fan of escape rooms, you might not even care about half of the attractions. Still, the Go City Pass is worth it if you put together a program of the best Las Vegas has to offer.

    🍔 Food and Drink Discounts

    Among the attractions included in the price is a restaurant, bar or candy store. At these, Go City Pass Las Vegas holders get a $15.00–$25 discount, with taxes and tipping to be paid in addition. With the All-Inclusive option, it’s still worth it, as you’ll eat for a fraction of the original price.

    🗺️ Plan Your Schedule So That Attractions Are Close Together

    When planning your itinerary for each day, make sure the attractions you visit are close by. For example, it’s worth spending one day in the southern part of the Strip and another in the north near the Fremont Street Experience. You’ll lose hours of time each day driving and moving from place to place. In the sample itinerary below, I’ve kept this in mind and planned it to make the most efficient use of time.

    Also, don’t forget to check Google Maps for the current opening times of attractions, some of them may be closed some days or times.

    🎭 Tickets for Cirque du Soleil With Go City Pass Las Vegas

    With a Go City Pass, you can attend some of the modern circus performances of Cirque du Soleil. These are not the most popular shows in the repertoire, but neither are they the least popular. The seats reserved in the auditorium for passholders are also among the average in terms of view. Tickets for the show must be picked up in advance at the MGM Grand box office.

    If you want to see Cirque du Soleil with a Go City Pass, I recommend scheduling your show on the first day. That way, if it happens to sell out, you’ll have a chance to experience it on other days. Cirque du Soleil is considered a premium experience that is only included with the All-Inclusive Pass for 3-5 days.

    👀 Read the Terms and Conditions for Attractions Carefully

    When planning your program, carefully read the terms and conditions listed for each attraction. For example, admission to the High Roller Ferris Wheel is only available during the day; the more expensive evening rides are not covered by Go City. For some attractions, advance booking is required on the mobile app.

  5. Go City Pass Itinerary for 3 and 4 Days

    A hundred people have a hundred tastes, and so it is with Las Vegas attractions. Some will prefer the helicopter tour and the Big Apple Coaster, others will be drawn to the Cirque du Soleil shows and evening stand-up.

    To give you something to bounce off of, I’ve put together two variations of the itinerary as I put it together. For the 3-day All Inclusive option, the savings are $145, and for the 4-day option, even $283.

    All-Inclusive for 3 days All-Inclusive for 4 days
    Day 1 Eiffel Tower
    Go Car Tour Vegas
    Señor Frogs
    Helicopter Flight
    High Roller
    Sweet Sin Candy Store
    Eiffel Tower
    Helicopter Flight
    Day 2 High Roller
    Sweet Sin Sugarhouse
    Big Apple Coaster
    Fly LINQ Zipline
    Bistro at LINQ
    Hoover Dam
    Big Apple Coaster
    Day 3 The Strat Tower
    Hop On Hop Off Bus
    Hop On Hop Off Bus
    The Strat Tower
    Señor Frogs
    Go Car Tour Vegas
    Day 4 Fly LINQ Zipline
    Bistro at LINQ
    Madame Tussauds
    Rockstar Nightclub Tour
    Savings $145 $283
  6. Frequently Asked Questions

    What is the validity of the Go City Explorer Pass?

    You have 60 days from the date of first use to visit all purchased attractions. Day 1 begins when you scan your passport at the first attraction and ends at midnight the same day. The time of use of the pass is irrelevant. An inactivated pass can be used for the first time within 2 years of purchase.

    Is It Possible to Visit an Attraction More Than Once?

    No, you can only visit each featured attraction once during the entire pass validity period. The only exception is the Hop-On Hop-Off bus pass, which is valid all day.

    Is It Possible to Share a Go City Pass Between Multiple People?

    According to the terms and conditions, this is not possible, Go City Pass Las Vegas can only be used by the person it was purchased for. The rules don’t even allow the pass to be resold.

    What Serves as a Ticket for Each Attraction?

    For entry to each attraction, just show the code in the Go City app, or a PDF of the same code downloaded to your phone. You can even print it out. An order confirmation email is not enough to enter an attraction.

    For select attractions, you must reserve your spot in advance using the link in the app.

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